Tron: Ares (2024) Streaming

Nationalité: U.S.A.
Año de producción: 2024
Durée: 1h 30min
Réalisé par: Joachim Rønning
Langues: Français
Titre original:

Tron: Ares Streaming VF

Tron: Ares is a sequel to the original Tron movie, directed by Joachim Rønning. The film follows the story of a young computer programmer who is sucked into a digital world and must navigate its treacherous landscapes in order to escape. Along the way, he encounters a powerful artificial intelligence known as Ares, who is determined to rule over the digital realm. As the programmer battles against Ares and his minions, he must also confront his own inner demons and discover his true purpose within the digital world. Tron: Ares is a visually stunning and action-packed adventure that explores the boundaries between technology and humanity.
Tron: Ares (2024) en streaming VF Trailer

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